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The public meetings for the General Plan are being coordinated with the City of San Luis. The meetings will be posted on this website and through other established methods by San Luis. This page will provide information about upcoming events and the results following, including presentations, summaries, and meeting photos (when available).

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is an advisory body which will help guide the outreach process by providing feedback and recommendations for the General Plan. The Steering Committee will participate in workshops and public hearings, assist in the development of the plan, and provide guidance to Matrix and City staff on all aspects of the process.


The City held its first set of public workshops May 15th for the General Plan update, “San Luis 2040”. The workshops were designed to: educate residents about the General Plan update, conduct brainstorming exercises to identify opportunities and challenges facing the community, and finally, to create an overall vision statement for the Plan.

The workshop was hosted at a central location utilizing the Multi-purpose room at San Luis’ City Hall. This approach helped make the workshops a success, drawing in 24 people.

The workshop began with a presentation explaining the General Plan update, which included a set of survey questions to gauge residents’ viewpoints on San Luis’ needs. The overall consensus was that the General Plan should address Cross Border Access. Residents also rated the availability of shopping and retail as lacking. Residents agreed that the biggest threat to San Luis’ future is the “Lack of Jobs” and “Congestion”. Finally, residents decided that the most critical aspect of the update should be to address “Diverse Employment” and “Cross Border Access” opportunities.

The second exercise involved developing a Vision Statement for the General Plan. During this exercise, participants were asked to individually create a vision statement using a ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ worksheet. Afterward, the table came together to write one vision statement that best reflected everyone’s ideas. The results of the Vision Statement exercise will be reviewed by staff and forwarded to the General Plan Advisory Committee in order to create a common vision to guide the General Plan update.

Click Here for the 1st Public Workshop Summary

Click Here for the 1st Public Workshop Powerpoint


The second community workshop for the San Luis 2040 General Plan was held on June 4th, 2019. The workshop was held at the San Luis City Hall Multi-purpose room. The objectives of the workshop were to:

  • Identify transportation priorities
  • Develop land use alternatives

Seventeen people attended the meeting. Upon arriving, each attendee was asked to identify on a map, generally, where they live or work in San Luis. The “where do you live” exercise was done to see what areas of the city were represented in the workshop results. Attendees at the June 4th workshop live primarily near the downtown of San Luis with a few near Avenue F, Yuma, and north of County 20th Street.
The workshop began with a short presentation informing attendees of the status of the General Plan Update. Participants then split into groups to complete two exercises focused on transportation infrastructure and future development.

Click Here for the 2nd Public Workshop Summary

Click Here for the 2nd Public Workshop Powerpoint


The third and final community workshop for the City of San Luis 2040 General Plan was held on September 18, 2019 at 6:00 PM at the San Luis City Hall Community Room. The objectives for this set of workshops were to:

  • Provide an update on the General Plan process;
  • Present the Workshop #2 results; and
  • Receive input on policy alternatives.

A total of 24 people attended the workshop.
The workshop began with a short presentation informing attendees of the status of the General Plan Update, as well as the results from the Transportation Planning Exercise and Scenario Planning Exercise conducted during Workshop #2. Attendees were then instructed to participate in a Policy Alternatives Exercise, which involved large printouts listing a series of alternative policies covering 5 General Plan topics, posted on the wall:

  • Economy
  • Growth
  • Environment
  • Public Services
  • Cross Border

Participants reviewed each policy and marked “Yes” with a green dot if they like the policy, “No” with a red dot if they do not like the policy, and “Most Important” with a yellow dot if they felt that this issue should be considered a high priority. Participants also had the opportunity to recommend a policy not listed on the worksheet by submitting a comment card.

Click Here for the 3rd Public Workshop Summary

Click Here for the 3rd Public Workshop Powerpoint

Open House

The open house for the San Luis 2040 General Plan was held on January 14, 2020 at 4:30 PM. This meeting was held at the San Luis City hall in the Multi-purpose room. The objectives for this open house were to:

  • Provide an update on the General Plan process and themes;
  • Present some of the major updates from the 2011 General Plan; and
  • Receive feedback on the draft goals and policies

Click here to view the Open House Summary

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Public Participation Plan

The purpose of the Public Involvement Plan is to involve and capture all segments of the population in order to enable continuous communication with all stakeholders including residents, business and property owners, the General Plan Steering Committee, City staff, appointed and elected officials.  The plan provides details on how the stakeholders will be to engaged throughout the update process.

Key components of the Public Participation Plan include:

  • Community meetings and workshops held at critical points in the process, when the consultants will present information and receive additional public input and guidance.
  • Media outreach efforts, intended to educate and inform the community about the project and participation opportunities.
  • Project website, which will not only contain comprehensive information updated throughout the project, but allows comments to be provided via the "contact us" tab.
  • E-updates, sent to everyone who has signed up for the e-mail list, either through the project website or at a public workshop.
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